About Our Google Ads Agency

The straight forward Google Ads Agency. Here to make you more money.

Here to make you money and sell more stuff

That was a bit blunt wasn't it? Where's all the waffle about improving your CTRs and lowering CPC? Well we feel it doesn't matter. Our sole purpose in business is to make you, our client, more money. We're here to sell your services and products. We have a reputation for a straight forward no-nonsense approach to this. For this, we don't apologise.

We're highly skilled biddable media buyers with extensive expertise in paid search, display and shopping. We'll create expansive, creative campaigns to get you ahead of your competition online. We complement paid search with creative and technical SEO campaigns to ensure you continue to receive long-term website traffic, and more sales.

Client retention is our priority. Service so reliable you could put it in a bun and call it a well known burger.

We believe that clients shouldn’t be kept in the dark about how to run and manage an effective PPC/SEO campaign. Our management and build come with client training as standard.

Finally, we don't do contracts or minimum terms. If, for any reason, you didn't like how we're handling your campaign you can walk away instantly with full access to your AdWords account and our blessing. Life is too short. We genuinely love getting the call at the end of the day that tells us you've had a record breaking day on sales. Cue... large glass of Rioja.

We are part of the Google Agency Development Program which means that we’re fully supported by Google in the acquisition of new clients as well as the ongoing development and support of their campaigns. You, quite literally, couldn’t be in better hands.

Your business is already dependent on Google. Why wouldn’t you want to know how it works?

Yes, it’s mathematical marketing, but it’s not rocket science.

Why Work With Us?

Because we’re experts and we’re fun. We love paid search. We love our clients and we want you to succeed and grow.  Our sole purpose as a business is to sell products and generate enquiries. Make a profit, we also like to make profit. Can’t lie.

Get in touch

Close To You

Where possible we work on site with you. Unless it’s somewhere we don’t want to go.. like Yemen. Skype. Skype’s good?

Pure Play

Not sure if we mentioned this one. We’re pure play. We’re not a ‘Business Consultancy’ We do one thing. Brilliantly.

Reporting Frequency

Our reporting and service is aligned to your business. Client contact 7 days a week, agile reporting and 365 service as standard.

Lasting Relationships

We’re very close to our clients. We fully expect an invitation to the works Christmas party.

Google BETA

We have access to 4 Google BETA trials at present, including Store Visits – The Holy Grail of advertising. Want to get involved? Drop us a line.

Training As Standard

Want to bring a member of your team up to scratch? Contact us for free training as standard.

Ready to make more money through Google?

Be Found Be Chosen have been outstanding. They've increased our ROAS from 1:3 to 1:7 in the first 3 months alone. Great work guys - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

James HobsonMarketing Manager