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Pure play paid search

Our team are dedicated to working out the winning digital equation for your business.

In the meritocracy of the Google auction, data is king and we’re good at collecting vast quantities, analysing and refining to produce outstandingly profitable results.

But we also look at the bigger picture and that’s what sets us apart.

Ad campaigns and landing pages

Specifically profiled to target your demographic. We’ll find out what makes them tick.

A fully comprehensive service

Including competitor analysis and research. Before constructing any campaigns, we carry out a robust business review to understand the economic conditions that govern your ability to source and service new enquiries. Whether your conversion goals are sales, calls, downloads or live chat, we will ensure that those interactions are valuable and profitable.  We will also conduct rigorous competitor planning to ensure we offer you the very best advice and the knowledge to make tactical business decisions. We want you to have the edge on your competitors.

Landing page testing

Same page, same results, same page, same results, same page, same results, same page, same results.  Have I made my point? Consumers need choice. We need data. We need to know which content ends in a sale and which end in a bounce. Testing is key and it’s something we’re passionate about.

Keyword strategy

Keyword planning is more than just stating the obvious. It’s a strategic plan to identify your consumer’s behaviour and target those keywords which are likely to produce a conversion. Filtering your sales funnel might not be something you’ve done lately, but it’s a daily job for us. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities and identifying exactly what your customers were thinking when they decided to buy.

Bid management

Real-time auctions require real time bidding and depending on the nature of your campaign, seasonality, location, time of day or social trends can all have an impact on your cost per click. We use a combination of bid management technology and real people to effectively manage your campaigns.

Conversion tracking

That’s why we’re here. Conversions don’t always happen on the first visit. But we can track your potential customers and assign the attributions to ensure we know who visited, how long they stayed, when they came back and what they bought.

Google Analytics

Yeah, what else would we use!?

Product feed optimisation

Your product feed, well, feeds Google and other marketplaces your list of products. If it isn’t well optimised, your products might be nowhere compared to your competitors. We can help.

Have you been offered a free review?

Paid search strategy planning is very much like a business plan. It require volumes of data, number crunching and some robust theory and logic when it comes to reaching out to your customers

Any business plan that stands a chance of actually working isn’t created overnight. It’s a serious piece of work that requires thought, time and planning.

If you want a serious, credible online business plan for your company, call us. If you want a document with lots of impressive technical jargon, call the other guys.

For an in depth proposal, drop us a line.

We don’t do half baked ‘free google ads account reviews’. We will make you a kick ass proposal based on accurate facts and figures and show you the real online opportunity

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