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The future of online advertising is automated: Google Smart Shopping

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Automation. Love it or hate it, it’s the future of Google Ads as a platform.

With over 63,000 search queries per second on average in 2019, the Google machine – and the data which powers it – has never been so powerful. Machine Learning, or ML, is again the buzzword of the year .

It essentially describes the process of the Google AI learning user intent, which is at the core of Google Ads Smart Shopping campaigns. This is why on the surface it may seem that Google is taking control back in house for this campaign type.

While it could be said that Smart Shopping relies more on Google than it does the advertiser that sets the campaign up, this only remains true at the basic level (see our recent blog on Shopping Feed Optimization for more on this). But, in essence, there are still ways to take control of these campaigns, while still benefiting from the rather unique advantages that Smart Shopping brings to the table.

Well, there’s the technical bit, but why should you embrace Smart Shopping?

Put simply, it’s the dogs bollocks in the ecommerce space.

Say you have a business that sells luxury handbags, either of your own brand or a licenced reseller. Manually, you can target searches on the names of your products, searches around the kinds of products you sell and even around the products that belong to other brands and businesses. Overall, a good strategy, something you’ll likely see decent success from. But if you’re only in the business for middle of the road, decent results, are you even in business at all?

Anything you can do, I can do better.

Google Smart Shopping takes all of the above, every last benefit, and uses machine learning to turn it up to eleven. Getting a lot of clicks from customers that don’t convert? The Google machine uses its knowledge of user behaviour to instead target the users most likely to make a purchase.

Maybe you’re getting the conversions, but you just aren’t seeing the kind of return you’d expect for your budget? Set a target ROAS (do you even know your current ROAS?) slightly above what you’re looking for and watch the magic. Maybe it’ll be dynamic remarketing that is the magic bullet. Maybe it’s display campaigns with great placement, and high frequency. Google has so many tools at its disposal with smart campaigns, coming from user generated data from every individual search query and the person searching it. 

Imagine big brother, but the camera is a trillion dollar corporation with one of the smartest machines known to man, and the house is the planet. That’s the kind of machine behind Smart Shopping. The manual campaigns created by you and I simply can’t compete against that kind of power, and ultimately, volume of data.

That’s the why, but what about the how?

I’m glad you asked. Don’t have a clue where to start with Google Smart Shopping, let alone shopping feed optimisation? Be Found Be Chosen is a Google Partner, and we’d love to speak to you about making you more money from your website.

Let’s talk Google Smart Shopping campaigns here.

Rowan Melville

Rowan Melville

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