LinkedIn is heavily loaded with the rumours of the Death Knell for Google AdWords Agencies. Tomorrow is unlikely to be any exception to this with Google Marketing Live keynote session in real-time, as Google’s senior leaders take the stage to reveal upcoming product innovations that will help you transform your business.

We’re expecting to see more innovation regarding AI and the robots taking over and galloping herds of agency bosses heading for the hills.


But let’s take a minute to remember what’s not changing. – Keywords. Keywords are not going away (quote, unquote – Google). Oh, and your BETA AI Goal optimized shopping campaign is ONLY as good as the data you gave it in the first place… Duuuhhh.

What does this mean in this new ‘Google Partner’ free world?

Well it means you still have to create perfectly constructed search campaigns

It means you still have to trial target ROAS in shopping

You still have the product titles calling the shots

AI can only find the conversions you’ve given it – so if the previous shopping campaign was average, then this isn’t going to roll it in glitter


“AI has never been in love”


Perhaps more importantly, all of the above, including Display, Native, and Video, STILL requires well thought out, psychologically considered targeting techniques and trigger points to find the target audience and create messages which convert.


AI isn’t a teenage girl with insecurities. AI isn’t a mid-life crisis. AI isn’t a new mum. AI isn’t a depressed workaholic. AI isn’t in love. AI doesn’t have a broken heart.


AI can’t reach out to a human online the way that a human can reach out to another human. AI still needs our assets to target what we’ve told it to target. Plus, If your website is shit, it’ll still be shit with AI.

So let’s all calm down and remember that it takes a human to understand what will make another human react and Google’s new releases are great but will not deliver a silver bullet to advertisers. Our job is data construction – yes, but the other 90% is psychology and knowing your customers.

My psychological prediction about my audience is – no one will read this blog post, but it’s ok. I know I only wrote it to contain keywords of Google, Search, Display, and Shopping.

So now I’ll post it and get google to re-crawl my site and hope that my ranking for ‘Google AdWords Agency’ remains the first page on Google in the UK. After all, life isn’t so bad working for a Google PPC Agency. Ok enough already.


Oh god! We’ve got the wrong SEO! It’s changing to Google Ads…

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