So, my friend, a successful SAAS business owner said this to me last week – ‘What you do is kind of like getting your car MOT’d in the 1980s’. On asking for further clarity I got –  ‘When your car needed an MOT, you’d take your car to the garage having no idea how a car really works, then you’d have to put your full trust in a mechanic you’ve never met before and hope that they do not rip you off.’ Interesting, I thought. So, is it like this –  With a Google Ads account, you entrust your marketing campaign to a stranger. 90% of potential agency users have no idea what activity is done on a day to day basis or what’s involved in setting up a Google Ads build. The ‘marketer’ could say, ‘this Google Ads rebuild will take 90 days or 2 hours’. Do you really know how to qualify this? 

We have witnessed some truly shocking and, if I’m honest, near-illegal practices. These include agencies burying brand keywords to make it look like certain search terms are performing better than they are and writing scripts to make minor changes to adwords accounts 10 times a day so if  ever called out on activity they could present the changes doc. Basically, lying to the client. You know when you watch Rogue Traders and a dodgy garage tell an old lady she needs £2k worth of work on her car or it’s not going to be safe to take the grandchildren out in. You get wound up when you see it in that context but it’s fairly well tolerated in the world of digital marketing.  

We’ve seen en-masse solicitors accounts with Google Ads and agency management fee at £39 per month…. PER MONTH!!! That equates to £1.28 per day. So let’s examine that £1.28 per day. The agency fees were 50%!!! So that takes your Google Ads spend for your solicitor account down to 64p per day. In a month that comes to £19. In a recent bout of Keyword Planning, we found the average CPC on ‘Medical Negligence’ to be over £20. So that’s 1 click per month. If you’re lucky.

So getting back to my mate and his 80s MOT analogy – It does seem complicated but it’s really not. We do not feel the need to hide anything or black box anything. Training our clients how the Google/Bing Ads account works is standard for us. Our sole purpose is to make you, the client, more money. If you understand how Google Ads work we can spend more time talking about making you money. The conversations we have go like this – ‘How much laminate flooring did we sell on Black Friday?’, ‘What was the ROAS on riding boots last week?’. 

Give us a call for some straight talk.

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