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Online shopping behaviour: The confessions of a 19 year old female

By December 17, 2019 No Comments

I don’t know where to begin. I shop online everyday. 

I don’t buy every day though, I will wait till there is a sale or a discount code, duh! Shopping online has just becomes part of my routine.

I will be sat on my phone swapping between the same Apps, Facebook, Instagram, ASOS, PrettyLittleThing, Missguided, Motel Rocks over and over. 

I barely browse websites unless I’m sat at my laptop at work shh… don’t tell my boss. I mainly shop on retailers native apps they are so much more convenient and way to easy to access, it is right there on your homescreen just a tap away and you get notified when there is a sale.

But, I’m a savvy shopper. I know that in a few days there will be a 20% off sale or if I leave the items in my basket I will get an email with a discount code. I’m a smart shopper, I know, well not really smart but, I know retailers do this and so does everyone else it is so obvious to the consumer. 

So… before I actually even purchase an outfit for my wild Friday night out in the town, I will have spent the week bugging my friends in the group chat asking what they are wearing. Are we wearing a nice top and jeans? Dresses? Trousers? Heels or flats? Skirt and blouse? Once we finally decide on the dress code, incomes the influx of about one million screenshots of outfits from various retailers online, screenshots from Google Shopping, Apps, Depop, Instagram. You name it we screenshot it. A week of online shopping begins, I become obsessed with finding the right outfit to wear. I stalk instagram #hashtags and influencers trying to find the right outfit.

I found it. The perfect outfit, but of course it is out of stock. Nothing makes me bounce off a site and never return like an out of stock item being shown in the feed. Why don’t they just remove the item if they are sold out!?!? I don’t care about your SEO! I will literally not shop on that site again, bye girl! ??‍♀️

So the hunt is back on, it is now Thursday at 4:00pm, I need a dress for Friday or I am not going out. Finally I have found another dress that I like and they have my size! Thank God! Quickly add it to my basket and go to checkout.  @?)$% sake they don’t offer next day delivery, do they not understand I need that dress and I needed it like yesterday? I bounce straight off that site and onto their competitor who I know will have the same dress, and offer me a better service. Found it. Gemma said she ordered that dress and it was a small fitting so whack two different sizes in my cart knowing that I will send back the one that doesn’t fit. Go to check out, next day delivery option selected and they have Klarna yes even better! Those beautiful words “Thanks for your order!” glide across my phone screen. It’s not just about the price, I want the experience that suites me. I’m a ‘selfish’ millennial, after all… ?

Sooo yeah… that’s my online shopping routine. I just want retailers to offer next day delivery, take the items that are out of stock off the site, offer free returns, be easy to find online in Google Shopping and offer a Buy Now, Pay Later like Klarna or Clear Pay.

If your ecommerce store isn’t doing all of these, you won’t ever see a penny of my spend.

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