I’m not really well known for opting out. I’m all for opting-in and see what happens kind of girl! However when it comes to Google and advertiser’s budgets, I err on the side of caution…

Google are such a thoughtful lot. They’re always finding ways to make it easier for us to give them our money.

In the latest release, you can read in full here on Search Engine Land

Google’s Automation, you can find our all about Google’s latest move to automate customer’s account, presumably under its machine learning optimisation techniques.

We’ve worked with Google for many years. We’ve had some amazing Google support and some incredible Agency Managers (Hiya!!!) but we’ve also had experience of in-house Google support who really do go the extra mile to maximize your spend, not necessarily your results.


Additionally, the AI campaigns we all got our knickers in a twist about weren’t the big news they were branded up to be. To the best of my knowledge, the Google shopping AI release didn’t change anyone’s life or business with it’s overwhelming impact. It was average. And in some case, below average.

So our forecast is that the impressive sounding ‘Machine Learning’ optimisation will be fairly unremarkable.

However, the soaring cost of search which is very much aided by agency ‘Incentives’ and the frankly unnecessary raft of bid adjustments we’re all encouraged to invoke, will very much bear the brunt of the new machine learning as it helpfully adjusts your bids across a range of parameters.

So overall, I’m in agreement with the majority of other agencies in advocating #optout when it comes to the recipient of your advertising spend, taking control of helping you spend your advertising budget.


There isn’t a fixed rule book when it comes to Biddable media – Google ads or otherwise. You’re trying to reach an audience, you’re making assumptions about, based on potential behaviours in theoretical circumstances and situations. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a real persons’ perspective on those theories – and even then, it’s still open to interpretation.

This won’t affect the majority of ‘Agency’ clients as the spend tends to be higher than the accounts this move is targeting. But the accounts that ARE being targeted, tend to have a smaller budget and are working on a shoestring more often than not, and the incremental sales and leads their Google Ads provide are essential to the lifeblood of the business. So proceed with caution. This isn’t a philanthropic exercise on Google’s part.


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