4 Piece Jigsaw Experts

I personally know someone who can f**k up a 4 piece jigsaw. Inspirational chap. Had a thing for lemon sherbets and sex lines. But moving swiftly on… It’s the 4 piece jigsaw that interests me. Malcolm Gladwell said that if you spend 10,000 hours on any subject, you’ll become world class. Hmm…

I see an ever growing breed of ‘marketing agencies’ who offer everything from SEO to websites to paid search – conveniently all under one roof.  But… There aren’t enough hours to become world class or even ‘good’ at all of those things. Most include sales training – in case they didn’t get you in the first 8 services.

I know a bit about all of those things, enough to hold a reasonably intelligent conversation, but not enough to provide those as a service and the same applies with all professional services. You wouldn’t opt for surgery from an accountant who dabbled in it as side line would you?

Here at Be Found Be Chosen we pride ourselves on being a pure-play paid search agency. We don’t do anything else apart from paid search. It’s a full time job keeping up with Google. I could employ someone full time to just learn. It’s constant.

While we’re great at what we do, we also don’t claim to know it all like some do. Learning is a constant process and providing an up to date, specialist service is not easy.

Despite the arrogance of our website (yes, we know it’s a bit on the frisky side) we’re not arrogant about our knowledge. We know we need to keep up, we need to learn and we need to dedicate time to staying relevant. We know we don’t know it all. Nobody does.

So anyway, point is. Choose Pure Play. Choose the mathematical likelihood that a specialist with a sole proficiency will likely out-perform the jack of all trades.


Now, where are my sherbet lemons, I’ve a jigsaw to finish.

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