Have you ever considered being self-employed and opening your own digital marketing agency?


Don’t know where to start? Perhaps you can sell effective AdWords campaigns but you’re not sure how to build one?

We’re hearing this more and more often from highly skilled Digital Marketeers. Self Employed Marketers are on the rise and by their very nature of being independent, they can offer unbiased, educated and accurate advice. However, offering 360 advice to a business encompasses a wide variety of digital marketing, including social and web development – so how do you strike the balance between recommending the right mix and also providing it?

You can’t provide outstanding performance in all areas, not matter how good your intentions are.


So that’s why Be Found Be Chosen has created a bespoke Google and Bing proposition for the Self Employed Digital Marketer / Business Consultant and Sales Trainer.

As a pure play biddable media agency, we specialise in the sole creation of outstanding search, shopping and display campaigns. We have full Google Agency support which means we can provide our clients with outstanding, well researched results.

We offer independent marketing consultants:

  • Full client proposals and bespoke slide deck

  • Business review requirements – all we need to know to develop a winning strategy

  • Full campaign build and access to BETA Google trials

  • Full analytics and call tracking

  • Ongoing optimisations and regular review meetings

  • Competition analysis and on-going growth support

All you have to do, is manage your client and keep them updated on the success of their campaigns along with your other activities. Helping you to deliver an overall success on Return on Advertising Spend.


Want to know more? Get in touch and email hello@befoundbechosen.co.uk or call 0191 2677675

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