Me: I’m thinking of doing a Valentines themed blog

Jason: I’m not looking forward to that.

Rowan: No. I’m not having anything to do with that. I refuse to share any of your content.


Well that’s nice, isn’t it? Can you feel the love in the Be Found Be Chosen office? Appears I have a reputation for the inappropriate and now I’m in a quandary as to risk being boring and predictable or be disappointingly well-behaved. Worse still, how do I turn this blog around to talking about Google Ads? F88k knows, but I’ll give it a go.


Well it seems that Valentine’s day has just over taken Easter by 30% spend per head in the UK. Overall spending has increased too, rising from £460m in 2014 to £650m in 2018.

Aaawwww we’re getting more romantic as a nation – or have more things to apologise for. I’ll let you decide on that one.


In digital terms, we’re also spending more of that money online and as a retailer, there’s always something you can do to capture the Valentine’s day trade regardless of your vertical.

Try to create a romantic story around your products. Just because your products aren’t dedicated Valentine’s merchandise, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a scenario to reach out to consumers in the Valentines sale.

A scarf and hat might mean a romantic walk in the countryside, sun glasses could be needed for booking a future holiday, cosmetics to look your best, clothing and apparel are always appreciated by both sexes. Ok, it’s not one cap fits all. Some produce, like garden ties, masking tape and balaclavas might not immediately lend themselves to Valentines in the immediate sense. But I’m sure there’s a niche market for most things 😉


Create deals which can be discounted and delivered in time. Remember, it’s got to be on the doorstep on time or the effect is lost. Offer dedicated delivery slots and if you would like to offer free delivery this Valentines, then consider creating gifting packages to increase the average value order to absorb deliver fees?

How to reach consumers with your romantic offerings? Well if you have deep pockets you could bid on ‘Valentine’s day gifts’ and join the lofty ranks of Moonpig, ASOS, Tiffany & Co and other well-heeled retailers with a yacht full of dynamic search ad budgets. Unlikely, so think about reaching ‘in-market’ audiences with the Google Display Network. The Google Display network lends itself to a romantic theme as it’s the perfect stalking tool. After all, what says I love you more than hiding in a bush after dark?

The Google Display Network can be used to great effect to find ‘in-market’ audiences for your website and products. Essentially, you’re building criteria of shoppers who are likely to be interested in buying your products.

You can create stand out, visual, branded ads to be shown to users across the internet who are looking at product and services which are similar to what you have to offer. You can even target specific sites and keywords to help refine your audience further.

YouTube campaigns work on the same premise, and for the thrifty of you, those first 5 seconds of skippable content are free… what message will you tell everyone about your Valentine’s inventory?


Valentines doesn’t have to just be about flowers and chocolates, So if you’re not in that demographic of merchants, don’t be too quick to write yourself off. Remember the Wife might not thank you for chocolates if she’s at fat club, and there’s always someone who’ll thank you for the garden ties and gaffa tape.

If you didn’t join in the romance this year, join in next year and take your share of the online love.


If you’re reading this now. It’s not too late. Ring our office by tomorrow on 0191 2677675 and we’d be happy to mobilise a kick-ass valentines campaign for you.





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