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YouTube Ads as part of your ecommerce strategy

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YouTube advertising as I’m sure you already know, is huge!

YouTube made Google’s parent company a reported $15 BILLION in 2019, and as of 2020, it’s still the world’s second biggest search engine.

Whether you’re watching makeup tutorials or shamefully/shamelessly enjoying some YouTuber boxing – you cannot deny that every second video has at least one skippable ad on the page. I say at least as YouTube has recently added the feature that allows more than one ad before a video begins… I know, right? I’m just as happy about that as you are.

However this blog isn’t intended to rub in the fact that capitalism has absolutely taken over the YouTube platform. I mean, YouTube has a right to make some revenue from its excellent service. But if you’re like me and operate within the marketing world, there’s a huge silver lining to YouTube Advertising. 

In May 2019, YouTube reported two billion logged-in viewers every month, resulting in more than one billion hours of video being watched every day.

These numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

Imagine you could run a video advertisement that’s going to reach the people you intended it for without paying the hefty price tag that comes with TV advertisement. You’d be crazy not to go for it right? Exactly. So why aren’t you?

If you’re running an ecommerce website or even lead gen – why wouldn’t you advertise on YouTube? Video campaigns are run from the same Google Ads platform as your search, display and shopping campaigns so it’s not exactly out of your way.

I previously mentioned the term “skippable ad” by this I mean those ads you have to watch for 5 seconds before getting the option to skip and continue to the content you want to watch, what I bet you didn’t know is that these ads are actually free to run for those first 5 seconds… Do you think you can grab someone’s attention in 5 seconds? The simple answer is yeah! In this day and age most people have an attention span of only 10 so surely… it’s not that difficult to engage someone in five rapid seconds.

Now just imagine your content being shown to hundreds of thousands of people, in your target audience, for FREE! (or really cheap, we all know that guy who doesn’t hit skip straight away… animal).

YouTube advertising is also a great way to display products and get the exposure necessary to grow. I tend to find YouTube ads humanize your product, compared to a body of text on a search results page or a static image on a newspaper website etc… it’s BORING! With video ads you can add some personality: think a catchy jingle, or powerful visuals that really jazzes up your product – particularly if you operate in a space where your product is highly visual. 

And whether you go all out on your video production, or just stick to a really simple, straightforward ad that just tells your clients about your product – both are extremely effective in their own right. I guess it just depends on what you’re trying to sell and who you’re marketing to. But don’t go blindly into your video ads – at least have the bones of a strategy – are you trying to raise awareness of your brand? Or actually drive a promotional offer?

This part is for all my ecommerce friends out there – have you ever seen an Ad on YouTube that has caught your eye? Yet when you click into the ad it’s not the product that is being advertised?

Instead you’re taken to a home page or some category page. Imagine how many potential customers you lose just in that process alone, I know I don’t stick around when it happens to me, then again I’m an impatient 19 year old guy. However what if I told you, you could add a miniature shopping feed along with your shopping ad so people can go ahead and buy the product in literally a single click, increasing the chances of people buying your product and bumping up that ROAS of yours.

So, absolutely. Don’t overlook YouTube advertising. If you’re in a vertical which has a visual product or operate within ecommerce and would like your products to reach a whole new, differently engaged audience, get in touch with us today to talk YouTube Ads.

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