Shopping Feed Optimisation

Even the most well designed ecommerce platforms can fail to perform if their shopping feed is poorly optimised, or even worse, absent. We can help.

Your feed is fundamental to your ecommerce success

Your all singing and dancing website looks great, your product photography is on point, and your pricing has been well researched. Your ecommerce site is online, but it’s not selling anything.

Well, did you set up and optimise your product feed?

A product feed makes it easy for Google to understand exactly what your products are, and point potential customers in the right direction. Search engines can only do this effectively with a product feed.


Sell More On Google With Shopping Feed Optimisation

Product Feed Creation/Specification

Don’t have a product feed? We’ll create one for you. We can generally do this without any need to leverage your website development team, making the process hassle-free for you.

Once you’ve got your feed up and running, the online visibility of your products can really begin, be that through Google Shopping, a Facebook Shop, eBay store, or other marketplace.

Once you’ve done this, Google can read all of the juicy information about your products.

Shopping Feed Optimisation

The quality of your shopping feed is crucial. If your feed is in less than optimal shape, you’re stifling your performance on a huge range of your marketing channels.

The purpose of your feed is to make it easy for Google etc. to match up a customer’s query to your products.

We can make sure that your products are well-optimised for your target keyphrases, and includes all of the relevant fields that give searching engines and other marketplaces the info they need about your products.

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Your Product Feeds Affects Performance On All Of These Channels


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