Does your PPC agency report your ROAS? Do you even know what the acronym means?

If you’ve dabbled in the digital marketing world, or even if you’ve previously hired a PPC agency, you may well be familiar with CPC, CTR, CPA and the number of bamboozling terms thrown around the world of PPC. But for us, there’s only one measure of success that really matters, and that’s ROAS.

ROAS is Return On Advertising Spend. In Google Ads world it’s quite simply – the ratio of how much you’ve sold online compared to how much money you’ve spent on Google Ads. For example, a ROAS of 2:1 means that you’ve made £2 for every £1 you’ve spent on your ads. Simple, right? It’s a great measure of success, and a lot more straightforward for a busy business owner to understand than cost per acquisition, viewable impressions, and other metrics which don’t necessarily impact your bottom line.

Out clients tell us that some agencies seem to deliberately mystify Google Ads and deciphering some reports can feel like more effort than it’s worth. Our goal is simply to make you more money online. We focus on delivering a high ROAS, with some of our clients achieving ROAS of 19:1. 

If you could make back 19x the amount you spend online, would you? 

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